Nick Diaz Gets 5 Years From NAC For Positive Marijuana Test At UFC 183

September 30, 2015

The MMA world is up in arms over the ruling and punishment levied against Nick Diaz for his positive marijuana test during UFC 183 against Anderson Silva. This prompted Diaz to expose his demons and let the world know what he’s been through and how he sees things. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to read it, take a look here. We all have ghosts and nightmares from the past, but when you humanize the situation, you see how out of line the NAC was.

The NAC obviously had a vendetta and Nick Diaz was their target. Diaz is known for his lack of respect for the commission, and they were having none of this case. Diaz claims he wanted to walk out during the proceedings, but his legal team told him to stay put, which was the smart move when it comes to an appeal.

Diaz is known for saying and doing what he wants. He has an attitude and a mouth that turns people off. However, his fellow fighters are taking to social media in his defense. The penalty was outrageous, an abuse of power and this isn’t the last you hear about this story.

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