North American League of Legends Playoff Viewership

July 27, 2015

With the summer split of the North American League of Legends Champion Series (NA LCS) coming to an end, the viewership peaked this weekend as the final games of the split filled many of the playoff spots for The World’s Championship. At one point in the action, there were 316,000 people streaming the League of Legends event. Keep in mind that one stream can have multiple viewers as these events are shown at viewing parties that are held at Buffalo Wild Wings, theaters, college campuses and regular households containing hundreds of avid fans. 

The 316,000 streams were coming off of the live English Twitch stream. As League of Legends continues to grow all across the world, people are looking to see how other regions are doing as they are curious about the competition for  the world's tournament. This means that there are streams in many different languages all across the world. In total, there were roughly half a million different streams viewing the tournament on Sunday. 

With playoffs starting on August 8th, the best teams in North America are looking to make their way to world’s. The playoffs will bring more viewers than the regular season as the avid NA League of Legends fans are looking to see who will make it to world’s to represent our great country. This year, The World Championships covers the entire month of October and is expected to have the largest amount of viewership that it has gotten to this point.

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