Robbie Lawler Versus Carlos Condit To Headline UFC 193

August 19, 2015

There was never a question of where UFC 193 was going to be, but there was the question of who the UFC would select to take on Robbie Lawler for his next welterweight title defense in Melbourne, Australia. Enter Carlos Condit, the #4 ranked welterweight and a bit of a surprise pick for the spot.

Most people were either expecting Johny Hendricks to round out the trilogy or #3 ranked Tyron Woodley. Instead, they are fighting each other at UFC 192 in the co-main event in Houston, TX. Condit however, is the big winner in the title shot sweepstakes. He leapt over two guys with pretty good arguments why it should be them besides higher ranking.

Get ready Melbourne, because Lawler/Condit is going to be a slugfest. These two guys throw and it will not be a surprise if Carlos catches Robbie, or vice versa. When the fireworks are cracking, there’s no telling what’s going to happen. So get ready, because the fall and winter UFC schedule is shaping up nicely.

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