The Art Of The Promotional Model

December 10, 2015

A question we get all the time is about the look of promotional models and how it affects brand image. Are all attractive promotional models created equal? The simple answer to that question is no because there are certain characteristics that mesh with certain companies and shows and not others.

For example, a promotional model that might be a perfect fit for a swimwear trade show may not work for a tech conference. Depth of knowledge is one obvious reason why this is true, but also certain looks play better at certain shows.

It is the modeling agency’s responsibility to provide you with models that mesh with your brand and do not push you off message. It’s important to understand that all models and agencies are not created equal and one size does not fit all. A promotional model is an extension of your company and it’s important that you are taken seriously. A certain level of marketing sophistication should always be a prerequisite.

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