The Benefits Of Simple Graphic Design

February 25, 2016

We’ve all seen those design heavy websites that seem more like an art project than a place of business. Yes, this is necessary in the art world and creative fields, but what does a complex design heavy website say to a consumer? Too much graphic design can distract from your overall message and potential interaction from businesses, clients and customers. Below are 3 reasons why simplicity is better in graphic design:

  • It’s not a distraction – As we said before, too much design is a distraction from the core message of your business and brand. Keeping things simple and clean will achieve your interactive goals.

  • Sensory overload – Design is meant to sooth and excite people, not fry their brains. All design needs to be in balance with what people can handle with their senses and from a psychological standpoint, simple is better.

  • Easier to work with – When you set the precedent with complex designs, what follows must continue to be complex because of consistency issues. Keeping things simple is easier to work with and translates to a more fluid approach to your digital marketing campaign.

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