The Modern Promotional Model

March 22, 2016

Long gone are the days when a promotional model can get by on their looks alone. The modern promotional model is educated on your brand and is able to interface with potential clients of all types. How a prospective client interacts with your first line of attack is the difference between a sale and a loss.

If a promotional model doesn’t know what they’re selling, then a potential customer will not feel comfortable with your brand. Models need to be able to answer questions and direct them to appropriate company employees. People need to feel confident when interfacing with your company. If a person does not feel confident that you have everything together, they are more apt to walk away or already pre-decide what they will do.

By using higher-level promotional models, you will not only increase your booth visitors, but also operate more efficiently. It’s all about your return on investment, and dynamic promotional models will help you get there.

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