UFC Fight Night 76 Wrap-Up

October 28, 2015

UFC Fight Night 76 in Dublin has come and gone, and the biggest news coming out of the show was Reebok’s bonuses, or lack there of. The top two fights were scratched due to injuries, so the UFC had to make due with what they had on short notice.

In the main event, Louis Smolka defeated Paddy Holohan by submission in the second round. Both up and coming flyweights, Smolka caught Holohan with a rear naked choke, making his claim for the top 15 in the flyweight division.

In the co-main event, Norman Parke took care of Rez Madadi via unanimous decision.

Reebok paid out a total of $62,500 to 20 fighters, upsetting many in the process for such low payouts. This is a case of inexperienced fighters in the UFC who could be getting more sponsorship dollars and exposure through the old UFC system. Unfortunately, this is how it’s going to be, and fighters will take what they can get to fight in the best MMA promotion in the world.

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