A Closer Look At The New Fight Kits

July 6, 2015

The UFC and Reebok held a press conference Tuesday morning and the
new Reebok UFC fight kits were finally revealed. If you didn’t know, the UFC did a deal with Reebok to create uniforms for their fighters instead of fighter’s gear being covered in individual sponsors procured by each team. The move by the UFC was made to further legitimize the sport by making it more like the other top tier sports organizations that demand consistent uniforms.

Reebok’s twitter feed is packed with all the fight kit pictures you need to see like this one of Ronda Rousey:  

Paige VanZant, Anthony Pettis, Conor McGregor, Johny Hendricks and Jacaré Souza’s uniforms are just a few of the international fight kits that were unveiled. Get ready because this is the future of the UFC.

VFD connects brands with top fighters in the UFC. As a UFC marketing agency, we understand that the new Reebok uniform system is a big change that will impact many fighters. While many are not happy because of Reebok’s tiered payout structure based upon seniority, only time will tell how this move shakes out.