VFD Rebrands Top Insole Maker RX Sorbo

June 25, 2015

At VFD Marketing, we take great pride in working with great brands to solve their design and identity needs. One recent client was RX Sorbo. For the uninitiated, RX Sorbo is a leading maker of shoe insoles. Helping people who need more support for work and sports, RX Sorbo contains a proprietary element called Sorbothane, which gives it an edge over competitors such as Dr. Scholls.

RX Sorbo came to VFD looking to refresh their logo, identity, and website design. As we began to tackle the project, we decided to dissect the brand and key-in on their competitive advantage, Sorbothane. This element is a visco-elastic material that has been used by leading engineers across many industries. Quite simply, it absorbs shock better than any possible padding you could produce.

As we began with the logo redesign, we wanted to include this absorption element within the new logo. It is for that reason that we incorporated a concaving element to the top of “Sorbo”, showing that the word can absorb the shock of whatever is hitting it, while the bottom of the word remains flat.

Next, we brought the “RX” tight together at the top, to give it an official, prescribed feel. The overall goal was to illustrate that RX Sorbo is the prescription quality insoles you need to perform your best.

RX Sorbo Logo Rebrand Agency

After the logo was created, we selected a custom color scheme to add consistency throughout the brand. The Poly Yellow, Flash White, and Impact Black work together to show strength, performance, and flexibility. We then paired it with the Refrigerator Deluxe typeface family for a modern and athletic aesthetic.

With the branding and logo created, we then redesigned the website to feel uncluttered and focus on the core branding. The results are that RX Sorbo now has the superior look to match their superior product.

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RX Sorbo New Branding