Why Conor McGregor Will Win At UFC 189

July 2, 2015

Conor McGregor is set to take on Chad Mendes for the interim UFC Featherweight Championship belt. Mendes is an outstanding wrestler and spent 5 rounds in the Octagon with current UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Conor has proved time and time again that no goal is out of his reach. McGregor’s status as an elite MMA fighter has been questioned since the beginning of his UFC career. This fight should set the record straight.  At this point Vegas is favoring McGregor, although the line is tight.  The current betting line for the fight remains McGregor (-145) v. Mendes (+115).


Conor McGregor has a reach of 74’, a major advantage when being compared to Mendes’ reach of 66’. Only three Featherweight fights have seen a reach differential of more than 8 inches, and the longer fighter took two out of those three fights. In fact, McGregor’s reach of 74’ is good for the longest reach of the UFC’s 15 ranked featherweights. It is safe to say that McGregor will attempt to use his long arms to keep Mendes at bay.


Conor has been training vigorously for months, is in peak physical condition, and this is something that cannot be overlooked. Mendes, on the other hand, has had only 2 weeks to train for this challenging matchup. Thus, we shift our view to another key factor in this fight, McGregor’s cardio. Due to a questionable short training camp, McGregor should have a significant advantage over Mendes in regard to his cardio. Conor McGregor’s tendency to keep a calm demeanor during battle should prove to be a very valuable asset.


In what might possibly be the most important factor of the fight, Conor’s takedown defense is the X-Factor at UFC 189.  While McGregor has only faced five opponent takedown attempts, he has stuffed each one of them. Yet to face a wrestler in his UFC career, this will surely be Conor’s greatest test. However, Conor’s ability to continually rise to the occasion will be on full display.


UFC 189 had one of the best storylines in recent UFC history, now the plot has thickened.   There is no question that a Mcgregor win will result in a level of mainstream media coverage that is foreign to the UFC fanbase. With both fighters predicting first round knockouts, there should be no shortage of excitement for this July 11th showdown.  McGregor has an enormous reach advantage, the hunger of a lion and an astounding knack for dominating prefight mental warfare.  These are the factors that are going to contribute to McGregor defeating Mendes via 3rd KO and realizing his goal of becoming the UFC’s featherweight champion.