Carlos Condit's Three Defining Moments

July 29, 2013

Article by Bryan Fontez


With one of VFD’s most marquee fighters making an appearance since his barn-burning, super-exciting, Fight of the Night winning performance against the current #1 Welterweight contender Johnny Hendricks, Carlos Condit will be looking to not only get himself back into the win column, but also to avenge the very first loss in what was his 2009 UFC debut against Martin Kampann.


Condit fought a tough fight with Kampann that ended up going to a close split decision which could have been argued either way, but this time the former WEC champion has the opportunity to show the world and his opponent just how much he’s improved in the 4 years since they last met.


With all of that said, let’s take a look at Condit’s three biggest career defining moments leading up to his fight on August 28th.


Winning and Defending the WEC Title

By the time Condit burst into the WEC Welterweight scene he had already amassed an 18-4 record, with 9 KO’s and 9 submissions impressively finishing 15 of his opponents in the first round and never allowing a single one of his victories to go to a decision.

Condit went into his WEC Welterweight title bout with a 4-fight winning streak and a ton of momentum. Much like his previous fights Condit did what he does best and finished John Alessio with a rear naked choke in the 2nd round, capturing his first prestigious title in process. This alone was a big moment for Carlos Condit, but it didn’t compare to the 3 victories that followed, defending his title against the likes of Brock Larson, Carlo Prater and Hiromitsu Miura, finishing all 3 opponents, 2 in the first round via submission and the last via TKO. Carlos was on fire.


Undisputed #1 Contender


Many may have chosen Condit’s beautiful flying knee KO of Dong Hyun Kim or his stunning KO of Dan Hardy, winning him Knockout of the night bonuses for both respectively, but I’ve decided to go with something more significant. Condit’s fight against Diaz was a big test. It was a test of will, a test of endurance a test of confidence, fight IQ and ultimately strategy.

Similar to Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz has a way of luring his opponents into getting sloppy and opening up their defense. Had Condit had the slightest bit of weakness in his body or mind, he may have given in to the temptation to brawl, but that night Condit came in with a much better game plan and a much more intelligent fight strategy, which ended up paying off for him with not only a huge win over the long-time Strikeforce Welterweight Champion but also awarded him with his first shot at UFC gold.


Many people enjoy complaining about this fight, and some try to ignorantly claim that Nick Diaz should have won. But at the end of the day the facts can’t be ignored, Condit fought the smarter fight, landed more strikes, took less damage and ultimately fought better than his opponent.


Fighting for the UFC Welterweight title

While I fully realize that he didn’t win, this fight was an extremely significant test in Condit’s career. Fighting St. Pierre the way that he did, staying in the fight, not taking any serious damage, and even dropping the long-reigning champion impressively at one point, Condit proved to the world that he was a serious contender who will make anyone at 170lbs an extreme challenge and a rough night.


Condit was never more than one solid punch, kick, combination or slick submission away from winning the fight, and those are the kinds of performances that build confidence. I have no doubt in my mind that St. Pierre will have to face Condit again and that when he does, he’ll be posed with a new and improved version of the Natural Born Killer, with new challenges, improved skills and a serious determination to win UFC gold.


There’s a reason why Condit is called the Natural Born Killer. With 26 finishes out of 28 victories, it’s clear that the kid has a knack for making men quit before the sound of the bell, and I’m sure that’s a stat and a skill we’ll continue to see improve in the coming years.


Something tells me that Condit vs Kampann 2 will end quite differently, but we’ll just have to wait until August 28th to see.


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