March 29, 2012

   November 12th 2011 Anaheim CA, Clay “the Carpenter” Guida fought a tough 3 round war against Ben Henderson at the Honda Center in front of a sold out crowd.   Expecting nothing less then an epic fight fans were standing in applause at the end of a 3 round fight that will be a sure nomination for Fight Of The Year.  After 3 rounds of fast pace fighting Ben Henderson was awarded a victory and applause echoed through the Honda Center as both fans and Clay Guida clapped for the victor.

    Always a good sport Clay was quick to clap for Ben as well as congratulate him on the tough fought win.  During the post fight press conference Clay was very humble in his respect for Ben, and made statements about his love of the fans “The reason I fight is to put smiles on people’s faces and to get people cheering...” Guida said when it was over. “It was a stellar fight. We came out of the gates swinging. I’m not satisfied with my performance [but] we went out there and gave the crowd what they wanted.”  

    Although Clay was unable to gain the victory he was awarded an extra 65k for his fight of the night against Ben. Bitter sweet tends to be a trend for the “Carpenter” as he has been part of the most exciting rounds in Mixed Martial Arts history, but also ending up on the loosing end via decision.  Many consider Clay’s fight against Diego Sanchez the most exciting 1st round ever, and with this last performance he will again be forever known as an exciting fighter. Never one to give up easily Clay made statement to his fans that he would be back on the hunt for the coveted 155 UFC belt.


Stay tuned Clay will be back, because as always The Dude Abides.