May 7, 2012

VFD Sports athlete Clay Guida is a modern-day nomad, and a very popular one at that.  When Clay is not busy training for his upcoming main event fight against Gray Maynard at UFC on FX 4 on June 22, he can be seen taking in UFC events as he supports his teammates and just loves being around the sport in general.  


As one of the most in-demand fighters in the UFC, Guida spends most of his time interacting with fans, signing autographs, and doing interviews.  Here are some photos and quotes from the weekend in New Jersey, straight from The Dude's iPhone:


cinco de mayo

"Pefect attire for a fight scheduled on Cinco de Mayo!"


lineline begin 

"Long lines forming for my autograph at the Corn Nuts booth."


Corn Nuts 1Corn Nuts 2Corn Nuts 3

"Meeting my biggest fans at the Corn Nuts booth was great, but meeting the U.S. Military personell was even better."


Fight Day Live

"On the set of Fight Day Live."



"I love hanging out with official UFC sponsors like Harley-Davidson.  You can see why."


Sirius XM

"Doing an interview with the fight experts from Sirius XM."



"The Dude meets the dude from Hatebreed!"


Cael Sanderson

"Meeting NCAA legend and PSU wrestling coach Cael Sanderson."


Tim Boetsch

"Cael, Tim Boetsch, and El Duderino."



"After a long day of fights, I had to hit up a 24-hour diner for this New Jersey Prime Rib."



"BBQ time in the airport."


GummiesGummies 2

"This is what $13 of gummie worms look like before and after."


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