Did You Know? Great Ways to Watch UFC Online

April 10, 2013

Ultimate Fighting Championship always sticks to the highest standards when it comes to production quality. From the broadcast itself to all the camera angles inside the Octagon – everything is carefully calculated.


That’s exactly why so many sports fans are enjoying the UFC product. It’s always on the pinnacle of latest sports broadcast technologies. Watching UFC online could be nearly just as good as being inside the arena.


Below are just some of the ways to watch UFC online. Please note that online features are available for main card bouts on Pay-Per-View events only. Fans can always follow the preliminary action on Facebook or Fuel TV / FX.


UFC.tv – This is by far the most impressive online experience in sports today. UFC.tv stream provides broadcast in 2 languages (English and Spanish), four camera angles, red-blue corner voiceover, instant replay… the list of features just goes on and on. The quality is amazing, and the greatest thing about it is that fans outside the US, UK and Canada can purchase streams for as much as $10 per event.


UFC.tv App for iPhone and Android –Similar to the desktop version, app edition of UFC.tv provides similar experience of high quality broadcast. Whether it’s on your iPhone, iPad, Sony Xperia Z or even Samsung Smart TV, UFC.tv app is the way to go.


Xbox Live – The option to watch UFC on Xbox Live appeared in mid-2012 and quickly became a huge success among gaming Octagon enthusiasts. The most impressive feature is the ability to control camera angles and other interactive features with Kinect. Remotes are so 2011.


Roku – The partnership between Ultimate Fighting Championship and Roku was announced back in 2010. UFC have a full-feature channel on Roku, with vault fights and live HD broadcast. Roku was one of the first media companies to offer UFC events on demand. An example to follow.


YouTube – Yes, you can watch UFC Pay-Per-View events live on YouTube. In fact, YouTube plays a very important role in UFC’s PR and Media schedule, with live press conferences, weigh-ins, and full PPV events. Make sure to check UFC’s YouTube channel for more information.