July 4, 2012

When VFD Sports athlete Edson Barboza knocked out Terry Etim last January, he knew that his wheelhouse kick had knock-out of the year potential, but it did not cross his mind that he would be nominated for the "Best Play" ESPY award, given to the best overall sports play of the year.


"I didn't realize that it could win play of the year, but I am so happy for that," Barboza said.  "I want to thank all of my fans for voting for me and I want to thank God that I am one of the eight finalists.  Thank you all for your support."


In this fan-voting category, 16 finalists were set up in a tournament format on the ESPYS website.  So far, Barboza has upset the #3 seed Louis Oosthuizen, who scored a rare double-eagle during a golf tournament.  Now Barboza faces off with X Games athlete Heath Frisby, who landed a front-flip on his snowmobile during the recent X Games in Aspen, Colorado.  Stiff competition for sure, but would anyone in their right mind argue with a wheelhouse kick to the head?  Better ask Etim how that worked out for him.


The significance of this nomination is not lost on Barboza.  "This is a nomination not only for me, but for all of MMA.  Thank you all."  You can vote for Barboza and the sport of MMA in general by visiting the ESPYS voting website here.  





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