March 29, 2012

   On January 14th 2012 UFC 142 will take place at the HSBC Arena in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.   VF Elite Sports Agency fighter Edson Barboza will face Terry Etim in a much anticipated 155lbs lightweight fight.  In a recent interview Edson gave us his insight into fighting on his home turf of Brazil, and why Brazilians are so damn tough.

Q: How do you feel about being able to fight in Rio again, and how to Brazilian fans compare to those in the USA?

A: I'm feeling great about this; it's an honor to be able to fight in Rio again. I'm already training to do my best inside the octagon. My fans are the same around the world, my fans are awesome, they send me a huge positive vibration and I'm able to feel that in anywhere. The difference is that I have my family and my old friends in Brazil, but when we talk about the fans, they are awesome in everywhere no matter the country.

Q: Terry’s coach feels his ground game will be your undoing; do you have any comments on this?

A: I think my jiu-jitsu coach also would say that my ground game is better than Terry's. We just would know this if the fight will be on the ground.

Q: Do you feel any pressure to get a KO or TKO because you are known as an effective striker?

A: No, I don't feel anything like that, I just feel that I need to do my best inside the octagon.

Q:  It has been said wrestling wins championships, how do you see yourself matching up against wrestlers like Maynard , Edgar , Henderson ?

A:  I know these guys are great fighters, but also they are opponents like the others, no matter if my opponents are wrestlers, or if they have a great ground game, in my mind I just keep thinking I will do my own game and do my best, if I do that I know that I'm able to win anyone.

Q:  UFC 142 looks like another card of Brazil Vs the world, why do you think Brazil produces so many top level Mixed Martial Artists.


A:  I don't know. I think Brazil produces warriors, Brazilian fighters have a good heart and they never give up. We say that Brazil is a country of warriors; maybe because of the history or the culture, I don't know I just know that I'm proud to be a Brazilian.

Q:  Please name a few fighters that you enjoy watching,

A:  I like to watch fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, and Minotauro. I really enjoyed watching Shogun vs Dan Henderson that was an awesome fight. I like to watch great fights no matter much what the fighter be fighting.

Q:  Do you have any role models out side of Mixed Martial Arts?

A: Well, Jesus is my hero He suffered on the cross for us and He never gave up. And my parents are my great pride, they taught me everything that I know, they are my role model of determination, humility and strength.


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