Interview with John Fosco of VFD Marketing: MMA Delivers the Best Value in Sports Marketing

March 20, 2013

Speaking in an interview with, VFD Marketing partner, John Fosco, shared thoughts about the business aspect of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and how VFD Sports has cemented its status as the leading agency in this sport.


MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, constantly delivering strong exposure numbers within the 18-35 demographic sector. VFD Sports developed a unique model of business opportunities that connects between the biggest brands on the market and the very best athletes in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).


VFD Media and VFD Models complete a wide array of services offered by VFD Marketing.


Read the full interview with John Fosco here here.


How did you make that leap from retailing fight gear to the marketing powerhouse that VFD Media is?

In 2011 I brought in a valuable partner, a legal team and invested some capital. My partner Elie Deshe came on board and he has completely taken our business in different directions outside of MMA including a modeling agency, promotions, media, production and marketing. We take a broader approach and have brought in companies like Playstation, MusclePharm,, Grey Goose Vodka and others. Every dollar that comes through from these sponsors is handled by us.


You really brought the mainstream advertisers into the sport aside from the typical gear and apparel companies...

Yes. We brought in SafeAuto insurance back in 2010, which was huge for us, because the UFC wasn't even able to bring a conservative institution like a insurance company into one of their sponsorship programs until we brought SA to them. I am extremely proud of that.