Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Exclusive Media Predictions

September 20, 2013

In less than 24 hours, VFD Sports Marketing athlete Jon Jones will step inside the Octagon at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, facing Alexander Gustafsson for the UFC Light Heavyweight title.


Jon Jones is currently tied with Tito Ortiz for most successful Light Heavyweight title defenses in UFC history (5). Victory over Gustafsson would be another historical achievement for the Jackson’s-Winkeljohn’s Mixed Martial Arts product.


Both mainstream and core Mixed Martial Arts media will be covering UFC 165, making it one of the biggest events of the year. We’ve gathered exclusive Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson predictions from our friends and partners.


Erik Fontanez (Associate Editor, “If experience has taught us anything, it's that it's tough to pick against Jon Jones. So much has been advertised about the reach being relatively the same for these two, and that this characteristic will somehow make a difference -- it won't. Jones is simply a better fighter with more skill, athleticism and stamina. Jones mauls "The Mauler," TKO in the third round.”


Andrey Bazdrev (Russia's "Fight Club" channel producer, MMA analyst): "I met both Gustafsson and Jon Jones in Moscow earlier this year. That was the moment when the fight was announced. Jones was fun and somehow scared to death by the Russians and myself personally. Alex was cool as a sonofabitch and straight to the point posing for the face-off/staredowns with mma fans here and there. He looked almost the same at the weigh-in before the fight – looking at Jones like if he was just some guy – not the one he has to beat to death.

He didn’t look pumped up and ready to go. Or maybe it was vice versa in his own – Swedish way. So this fight is not about the strategy or tactics or fight plan. This is about staying cool, measuring the distance and picking the other guy apart with counterpunches. This might get ugly when the fight goes to the ground, and this will not be in the Sweden guys best interest. But Jones went to the ground with Sonnen and he will trade punches with Gustafsson. And Alex can be lucky enough to land couple of shots, but this will end right there. The best natural born fighter in the world of mma today vs the heavyweight boxing champion of Sweden. It’s as simple as that."


Brian Hemminger (Writer, "As much as Alexander Gustafsson's size has been hyped entering this bout, his raised center of gravity will only make it easier for Jon Jones to take him down. Bones taps him in the third."


Marcos Villegas (On-Camera Personality, FightHub.TV): “Jon Jones on paper should win this fight. Though the reach and height are the same, Jones has fought the tougher guys and been at this big stage before. Plus his overall game is more versatile than Gus-Gus.”


Jeremy Brand (Editor-in-Chief, “Many people are counting Gustafsson out of this main event fight against Jones, purely because it's Jon Jones we are talking about. I am not one to count someone out in the world of MMA and I am a big believer in "The Mauler", but I feel Jones is going to wait out an early onslaught by Gus and finish him in the fourth or fifth round.”


Boaz Korpel (Play-by-Play Announcer, “John Jones will keep his belt, beating Alexander Gustafsson via TKO in Round 3. Jones will prove he has a better overall game than the current challenger.”