Landon Vannata Details His XFC 25 Experience in Fightland Blog Article

September 16, 2013

VFD Sports Marketing Athlete Landon Vannata is widely considered as one of the hottest prospects in the world of mixed martial arts. Coming from a solid wrestling background and training under the patronage of Coach Mike Winklejohn, Vannata clearly has what it takes to fulfill his immense potential.


In his most recent blog entry on VICE Media's Fightland (a VFD media partner), Landon Vannata discusses XFC 25: Boiling Point feelings, experiences, and looks forward to future challenges inside the cage. Despite defeating his opponent for the night, J.P. Reese, "only" via a split decision, Landon Vannata has impressed the media covering XFC 25, and fans visiting Albuquerque Convention Center,


Please make sure to read the full article on Fightland via the link below. Here's a snippet:


"Back in the corner, coaches Jackson and Winkeljohn gave me some advice and then sent me back out to fight. My legs felt weak at this point, and it showed. Reese quickly took me down again, and it took a few minutes to work back up to the feet, but to no avail, because I was right back down. The entire second round was Reese. In hindsight, it seems like a blessing in disguise because I used that round, unknowingly, to recover and gather my second wind. When the third round finally came around I felt fresh, while it was clear my opponent was starting to fade. Time to turn it up..."