Media Round-Up: Leonard Garcia Pre-Fight at UFC 159

April 25, 2013

Erik Perez may be out of UFC 159 fight with Johnny Bedford due to injury, but Team VFD will still have one valuable representative on Saturday night in Newark, New Jersey – Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia.


Known for his exciting style and multiple Fight Night awards, Leonard Garcia can be easily labeled as one of the legend of modern-day Mixed Martial Arts. Bad Boy will be facing TUF alumni Cody McKenzie, with sights on getting back on winning ways in the UFC Featherweight division.


The fight between Garcia and McKenzie will be aired LIVE on Facebook.


Here’s what Leonard Garcia had to say about his upcoming encounter with McKenzie (Saturday, April 27) in some of his pre-fight interviews. Make sure to follow Leonard Garcia on Twitter @badboygarcia


"I feel like every fight in the UFC is that way, but this one, for sure, is," said Garcia to MMA Fighting. "I feel like it doesn't matter what kind of performance I have. If I don't win, I don't want to be in the UFC. If you're not winning, why do you want to be there?" (Interview by Shaun Al-Shatti)


“I feel like if I don’t win, I’ll give myself my walking papers. I think this is the most important fight of my career. This is either the start to the comeback or the declining spiral to try and figure things out. At the end of the day, you can’t let it go to the judges. I know Dana says that … but I’m notorious for split decisions. Cody’s not taking my job. That’s all I’m going to say.” (Interview by Erik Fontanez)


“Yeah, my style is just not a boring style. When I go, when throw my jab, my cross, my combinations, my kicks, I throw them with everything I've got. I throw everything really, really hard. I don't have a first or a second gear. I go full blast and that's all I got. I will never have a boring fight. We've got guys like Frank Mir, Jon Jones and Carlos Condit and they stay after their class just to watch me spar because it's so much fun. I'm just trying to be cleaner, faster and a lot crisper with what I throw, but it'll still be hard.” (Interview by Brian Hemminger)