April 9, 2012

Anyone who has ever been to a UFC event knows that there are three things that you are guaranteed to witness when you buy a ticket to the greatest show in a cage; guys beating the crap out of each other (mostly in the ring), UFC president Dana White greeting the fans, and killer music played at ridiculously loud volumes between the fights.  

If you want to be able to take the sounds of the UFC with you, as well as the spirit of President White, we recommend you check out the free download of Dana White’s Muthafukn Mix Tape by AL3, the official DJ of the UFC.

AL3 offers a bunch of free mix tape downloads on his site, but none really captures the spirit of the UFC as well as DWMFMT.  Featuring a great mix of 80’s rock, old-school rap, dub step, and some current chart toppers, this mix tape is also rather humorous, mixing in Dos Equis/Chuck Norris-style musings while portraying Dana White as the most interesting man in the world (he’s certainly at least in the conversation).  

In addition to being the UFC’s official DJ, AL3 (real name Albert Lineses III) is also the official DJ of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, which means he will get a great view of shot-o-matic star Jimmer Fredette, when he laces up in Sac Town.  


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