Thank You Travis Browne - By John Fosco

December 26, 2013

Travis Browne is my friend.  


Making that statement goes against everything I believe in from a business standpoint, but sometimes you have to go against what you believe to be "right" and allow things to be what they are.  My relationship with Travis Browne has shown me the value of what two men keeping their word can produce.  We live in a world where honest, loyal and caring people seem to be available at a level nearing extinction.  Maybe this is my jaded view or my unrealistic expectation of what should or could exist between two individuals that value the moral tenants that our society was founded on.  Or maybe it's true.  


Regardless, during this holiday season and simultaneously the week where my friend is getting into a cage with one of the best fighters in the world in an effort to continue the pursuit of his dream, all I can think about is the value of his human spirit.  Sure, Travis Browne winning on Saturday night at UFC 168 represents a future windfall of revenue for VFD Marketing and unknown opportunities that will surely continue to grow the business that I have worked so hard with my partner to build, but that is not what I am focused on.  Why?  I can't quite explain it, but I speak the truth.  


I want to talk about a single father of two children that has gone through many hardships while never making excuses as to why he couldn't be the dad he should be, but instead continues to work his ass off on a daily basis to be the dad he is.  Travis is a father first. I have seen with my own eyes the emphasis he places on continuing to grow as a man, so he can continue to be the loving father his children deserve.  Many of us could only wish that one or both of our parents were dedicated to us in the fashion that Travis Browne is dedicated to his children.  Is this more worthy of public gratitude than destroying a man in a cage?  You can answer that question yourself.


Fighting is something Travis Browne does, but it is not who he is.  I am going to tell you who he is; he is a man that is not afraid to admit when he's wrong, he is a man learns from his past mistakes, he is a man that will look you in your eye and will immediately know if you are full of shit or have pure intentions, he is a man that protects himself and his children by letting only the few who he truly trusts close, he is a man that cares about the ones he loves at the deepest level, he is a man that wants the best for his family and is willing to stop at nothing to get it.  Sometimes we need to stop the rat race we all partake in on a daily basis and appreciate the ones we have in our lives that are positive and add to our human experience.  Travis Browne has done that for me and countless others.  Thank you Travis.


John R. Fosco

Co-Founder & Managing Partner - VFD Marketing