April 5, 2012

Being a professional MMA fighter in and of itself is often enough of a reminder to people that you are a unique individual.  Within this group of unique athletes lie a subset that are just a little bit more...different.  Some guys are known for their work ethic, some for their walkout music, and some for their fighting style. These five fighters are all known for many of these qualities, but are especially recognizable by their hair:

5.  Miguel Torres

Miguel TorresSporting a self-proclaimed "Mexi-Mullet" Miguel Torres is all business up front, all party in the back.  You have to appreciate the aero-dynamic qualities of shaving the sides of his head, so as to give the mullet more room to flourish.  Well done Miguel!

4.  Benson Henderson

Benson HendersonSaying Benson Henderson has a lot of hair is a vast understatement.  When he comes out to fight with his hair in a ponytail, it looks like his ponytail has its own ponytail.  His hair just never ends.  Its hard to argue with the results, and we look forward to more fighters sporting that look.

3.  Brian Ebersole

Brian EbersoleSeriously Brian? Seriously?

2.  Clay Guida                             

Clay GuidaClay "The Carpenter" Guida is known quite simply as "The Dude" due to his love for the Coen Brothers epic film, The Big Lebowski.  Like
The Dude portrayed by Jeff Bridges, Guida sports a wild mop of hair that fans immediately recognize.  Sometimes it's cut into a styled mullett with fade lines, sometimes it's just free-flowing like Guida's laid-back attitude, but it is always noticeable.  His hair has remained a staple of Guida's style, even if it wasn't always in his best financial interest.  Guida famously dismissed a five-figure offer from UFC president Dana White to cut his hair in order for Guida to be put into the UFC video game.  Guida said no, and thankfully for fans, Guida was finally put into the most recent version of the game.

1.  Bart Palaszewski 

Clay GuidaAll hail King Bartimus, otherwise known as Bart Palaszewski.  When he first began in the WEC, Bartimus sported a mop top, that has quickly turned into the most unique 'do in the sport.  Bart shaves his hair into a mohawk, dies it a crazy color (he even did pink for breast cancer awareness month) and then proceeds to shave the logos of his sponsors (and management team) into the sides of his head.  That is dedication, branding, and intimidation all rolled into one.

Disagree with our list? Tell us who you think should have been included.