Top 5 Nick Diaz Fights

March 16, 2013

Later this evening in Montreal, Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre will finally lock horns inside the Octagon. While the anticipation to this fight is about to reach to all-time heights, it would be a good idea to look back at what brought VFD Marketing athlete Nick Diaz to this moment in first place.

Diaz is widely recognized as a well-rounded rounded fighter, with top level striking and grappling abilities. More than anything, Nick Diaz's ability to entertain the fans with a breathtaking non-stop action, which often reflects his character and personality.

So here we go – the 5 fights you absolutely have to see before UFC 158: GSP vs. Diaz:

Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler (UFC 47, 4.2.2004)
This was pretty much Nick Diaz’s coming out party. Robbie Lawler was considered one of the most fearsome strikers in the UFC Welterweight division, with many comparing him to no other than Mike Tyson. In response, Nick Diaz went out there and knocked “Ruthless” Lawler out cold. That was a sign of things to come.

Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi (Pride 33, 2.24.2007)
Three years later, Nick Diaz faced the toughest challenge of his career against Takanori Gomi. Diaz moved down in weight classes for this scrap, and was considered by many as a heavy underdog against “The Fireball Kid”. In response, Diaz delivered a clinic performance by submitting arguably one of the best 155’ers of all time via Gogoplata.

Nick Diaz vs. Frank Shamrock (Strikeforce, 4.11.2011)
Labelled as Old vs. New, this was the first Strikeforce event on Showtime. Diaz and Shamrock battled it out in an all-time classic, with Nick Diaz getting his hand raised after a TKO finish in Round 2. Pre-fight build-up showcased Nick Diaz’s extraordinary personality, while he backed-up his every single word inside the cage. This was truly the beginning of Nick Diaz as a worldwide MMA superstar.

Nick Diaz vs. Paul Daley (Strikeforce, 4.9.2011)
The fight between Paul Daley and Nick Diaz lasted only one round, but oh what a round it was. Both fighters swinging to the fences, with Nick Diaz showcasing just how deadly he can be against a brutal KO artist in Paul Daley. Nicknamed ‘Semtex’ for the explosive power in his hands, Daley dropped Nick Diaz on several occasions, but in the end, the champ went on an all-out war with body punches and an amazing combination that KO’d Daley.

Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn (UFC 137, 10.29.2011)
Five years after making his last appearance inside the Octagon, Nick Diaz has finally returned to the UFC against the legendary BJ “The Prodigy” Penn. Diaz completely outgunned Penn in three rounds of non-stop action, leaving the former multi-divisional champ bruised and battered at the end of the fight. After fighting for so many years in Strikeforce, this fight proved fans and experts alike that Nick Diaz is truly one of the top fighters on the planet.

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