Travis Browne: I'm Loyal To My Sponsors

February 25, 2014

VFD Marketing star Travis Browne shared thoughts about his relationship with sponsors.


Travis Browne spoke about the commitment he has to his sponsors, and the mutual understanding between both parties. Browne is sponsored by companies like MusclePharm, Triumph United, Safe Auto, 1Law, American Ethanol and others:


“I hear a lot of complaining, honestly, from some of the fighters: ‘Oh, I don’t make anything on sponsorships, so I’m going to go complain and I’m going to whine about it, and I’m going to go out there and lose my next fight and I’m wondering why sponsorships don’t want to sponsor me.’ Unfortunately, in this sport you have athletes who aren’t full time athletes.


They come out here and they fight, they’re a full time athlete for maybe two months before their fight. This sport needs your dedication, needs your commitment. I have not had a problem with any of my sponsors, and I’ll tell you why. I am loyal to them, they are loyal to me. They come out and they see the dedication, the hard work, the sacrifices that I put into this sport and their company, and how can you deny somebody that?


If you have a guy that comes out there, hems and haws, makes excuses, do you wanna back that guy? I don’t; I don’t want to be anywhere near that guy. You know what I mean? So, I have no problems with sponsors, sponsors don’t have any problems with me, but it’s a give and take relationship.” – Via MMA Junkie


Browne, who’s currently ranked in Top 3 of the UFC Heavyweight division, is regarded by many as the next contender for a shot at the title. But before he tests his skills against Cain Velasquez, Hapa will have to go through Fabricio Werdum.


The fight between Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne will headline UFC on FOX 11, which will take place on April 19 in Orlando, Florida. VFD Marketing athlete Miesha Tate will battle Liz Carmouche in the co-main event of the night.