October 4, 2012

By Justin Diamond


Heavyweight hopeful and VFD Sports fighter Travis ‘Hapa’ Browne paid a visit to the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday before he takes on fellow VFD Sports fighter Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva Friday night on FX at the Target Center.

That morning before practice, Vikings head coach Lesley Frazier asked Browne to speak to the team, which was a task that Browne was not exactly prepared for.

“It was a little nerve-racking, I wasn’t expecting that, but just speak from the heart and it comes out nice and smooth,” Browne said.

When asked if Browne noticed any of the Vikings players approaching Browne to size him up he joked, “I’ve had a couple guys come up to me like, ‘I would not fight you.’”

“I think it’s more about the unknown.  Being scared of the unknown, not knowing what i’m capable of doing,” Browne continued.

Hapa agrees that Vikings defensive end and, “freak of an athlete,” Jared Allen could hang in the octagon and believes Allen may participate in MMA training in Arizona.

If Browne were a player in the NFL offensively he says he would be a tight end and defensively he would play defensive end.  With the regular officials back in the NFL there is a chance that Hapa would be flagged for too many “hands to the face” penalties.

“It’s always impressive watching another athlete do what he does best and it inspires you to go out and do your best,” Browne said.

Watch the full interview here and be sure to check out all the action this weekend as Hapa looks to bring his best against Bigfoot, beginning with the live weigh-ins today at 5pm ET.



Justin Diamond is the Director of Sales for VFD Sports Marketing, based in Chicago, IL.