UFC Memorabilia Growing in Sports Collectibles Market

August 9, 2014

As the UFC and MMA grow, so does the MMA memorabilia share of the sports collectibles market. “We are exited about the consistent growth of MMA and especially the UFC,” said AJ Hiller, owner of MMA Signatures. “We are just like our customers, in that we are huge MMA fans.”


Sports memorabilia is a great way to support your favorite athletes, teams, or in the case of the UFC, your favorite fighters. It’s an inseparable part of sports marketing. “People love who they love,” continued Hiller about the most popular UFC collectibles. “What we’ve noticed aside from regional allegiances is that fight fans love someone who puts on a great show. Aside from that and the titleholders, there’s no rhyme or reason other than who people connect to. They show their appreciation by buying a signed photo or often something more significant, like signed fight shorts.”


National team sports like baseball, basketball, football and hockey drive the collectibles market, but more and more people relate to the struggle and discipline that a fighter goes through day in and day out. Many people seek inspiration from fighters, because, to a greater extent than most other sports, their livelihood is on the line every time they step in the Octagon or ring. Look for the MMA memorabilia market to continue to grow as public awareness continues to grow in the sport.


MMA Signatures is the largest collection of mixed martial arts autographs and collectibles on the Internet. All MMA memorabilia is third party authenticated with a certificate of authenticity. If you want to support your favorite UFC fighter by purchasing an autographed photo or even signed fight worn gloves, MMA Signatures has the most comprehensive inventory of MMA collectibles around.