VFD 5: Ali Bagautinov By The Numbers

April 24, 2014

VFD Marketing star Ali “The Puncher King” Bagautinov is a relatively fresh name inside the UFC. Yet, the Dagestan-born fighter did more than enough to secure a title shot against Demetrius Johnson, with sights on becoming the first Russian fighter to ever win a UFC title. Bagautinov is a bona fide professional with an extraordinary personality and a big role model in his home country. With fans already touting Ali Bagautinov as the man to dethrone “The Mighty Mouse” Demetrius Johnson. Herby are five numbers to describe Bagautinov’s career so far.

11 – That’s the number of fights Ali Bagautinov won in a row. His winning streak started back in 2011 with a TKO victory over Asan Aysabekov, and still on with John Lineker being Bagautinov’s latest victim at UFC 169.


5 – Times Ali Bagautinov fought in 2012. That’s the definition of staying busy. Bagautinov is known for not choosing his opponents, and is always ready to step up to any challenge.


9 – Out of thirteen victories in Ali Bagautinov’s career ended via Submission or a Technical Knockout. He lost only two times, both via decision.


-57 – That’s Ali Bagautinov’s competitive weight class at 2012 Sambo World Championships in Belarus. He won a golden medal.


3 – Fights inside the UFC Octagon were enough for Ali Bagautinov to secure his status as the #1 Contender. The Puncher King will fight Demetrius Johnson at UFC 174 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.