VFD Marketing Welcomes New Client XBells To Its Roster

December 29, 2014

VFD Marketing is proud to announce the signing of its newest client XBells. XBells is a safe, affordable, compact and effective workout system that you can easily use in the comfort of your own home.


Founder Ray Berry, an architect and father of three daughters invented this amazing new system for two reasons: First, he just didn’t have the time to workout in the gym with his busy career and family life. Second, and just as important, Ray found that other systems and programs that he used in the gym led him to injuries as opposed to reaching his fitness goals.


“I did this because of necessity and hope that everyone can get the same benefit and results from the XBells system just like me,” said Berry. “It provides you with everything you need to achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.”


“We’re excited for XBells to join the VFD Marketing team,” said VFD Marketing co-founding partner Elie Deshe. “They are an amazing company with a great vision. They will revolutionize the fitness industry, one person at a time.”

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