VFD Sports Marketing Client Spotlight: 1LAW

October 28, 2014

1LAW has long become synonymous with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). With sports marketing exposure through athletes such as Travis Browne, Clay Guida, Andrei Arlovski, Erik Perez, Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald, 1LAW is now associated with some of the top names in the sport of mixed martial arts.


Founded by A. Jason Velez, 1LAW is a fast-growing attorney office with strong emphasis on corporate responsibility and giving back to community. 1LAW is sponsoring three high school athletic teams, Dixie State University athletics team, Dog Town Half Marathon (animal rescue fundraiser), lovetherefs.com (against aggression towards sports officials) and organizes an elementary school books fair. 1LAW is truly a people's company.


While Utah can be regarded as the base of its activity, 1LAW has also expanded to Nevada, California and soon other locations across the country. Those locations provide expertise in personal injury cases, family law, business law, patent and trademark management, as well as litigation and immigration procedures advice. Thanks to having an all-star team of lawyers, 1LAW can safely commit to such wide array of services. 1LAW is also operates an extensive law knowledge database, providing quick assistance on many topics.


Whether you are looking for a cheap litigation process advice or for an attorney to represent you in court, 1LAW is the best in the business. VFD Marketing is proud to have 1LAW amongst its family of clients.


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