Week 2 Recap of League of Legends Summer Split

June 19, 2015

Starting off the first week with a 1-1 record the North America spring split champions of 2015, Team SoloMid (TSM), whose eSports sponsors include HTC, Logitech, and iBuyPower, look to prove themselves facing two of the top 4 competitors in week 2.  After a shaky start in in the first week losing to the season 4 spring split champions, C9, lets recap their week against the undefeated Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and Team Impulse (TiP) as TSM looks to make their mark in the pro gaming community.   

Week 2 day 1 TSM coming in with a record of 1-1 against the 1-1 TiP.  TiP finished 3rd in the last split so they are not the team to count out.  The  preparation for the TiP game was a slow a steady victory, winning the game in 42:37 minutes.  Using their heavy team fighting comp. TSM got their golden boy Bjergsen very large ending the game 13/3/3 with 279 farm on one of his favorite assassins, LeBlanc.  This was the game that TSM needed as a huge confidence builder going into the CLG game the following day.

In the second day of the second week TSM was facing off against the 3-0 CLG.  CLG was the 4th placed team in the Spring split.  Coming in with a worse record that their opponent is something that TSM is not used to seeing.  However, their preparation and mindset for the CLG game was apparent as the smashed CLG winning 17-7 kills in a 39:32 minute match.  Their team fight in the CLG game was very strong as every player had over 9 kills and assists.  

The task that TSM accomplished this week was something that might be overlooked because they are a great team.  However, they marketed the TSM brand in a way that cannot and will not go unnoted.  They only had 5 days to prepare for two of the best teams in the nation.  These teams have both been marked as teams to watch out for in this Summer Split and TSM took them both down in the same week. TSM is a team that should be getting more eSports coverage and more credibility among the eSports community. TSM continues to have the largest fan base in the North American LCS and continues to prove why.  When looking at their flawless team fights as well as their individual ability to make plays and change the outlook on a game TSM is sitting in the number one seed after week two.  With the shot caller and last splits MVP, Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, it looks as if nothing is slowing TSM down on their way to another victorious split.  Bjergsen is the pro gamer that everyone wish they had on their team.  

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