Wellskor Advice: A Healthy Lifestyle Diet

August 6, 2014

Diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, many people try to change too many things at once when it comes to eating and set themselves up for failure. Here’s some health info that we’ve found helpful when it comes to changing your diet:


Don’t do too much at once. People get very excited when they hear about the new supplement or the new revolutionary diet out there. We recommend rather than jumping at something new every time you see something shiny in front of you filled with hope and promises, take a step back and try one thing at a time. This will help you see what’s useful and what’s not.


Don’t eliminate too much out of your diet at once. Again this is a major fail when it comes to trying to make changes in your lifestyle. A common result from doing too much too fast is an attitude of feeling restricted. Once this period of restriction is over, many people go back to their old lifestyle and diet, and actually regress to where they were before. It’s a waste of your time and patience. So be more patient and slow down. It will pay off in the long run.


Give yourself a break. If you can’t comfort yourself, who is going to comfort you. You won’t believe how much kindness towards yourself will change your results. A happier, calmer person usually does a better job of remaining in balance. Pay attention when you’re too hard on yourself. You deserve to be your biggest advocate.


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