Wellskor Makes Octagon Debut At UFC ON FOX 11

April 22, 2014

Every big journey starts with one small step. In wellskor’s case, it was a big step that this company made by debuting inside the Octagon at UFC on FOX 11. Wellskor sponsored Travis Browne in his encounter with Fabricio Werdum, getting featured on Hapa’s shorts during the fight.


Browne’s wellskor score was 93. This is based on the individual digital medical analysis conducted by wellskor, which concerns key factors such as brain activity, hormonal balance, cardio-vascular systems and much more.


Wellskor is a revolution in health awareness. Something that will have people wonder who they are and what they are about. This revolution started inside the UFC Octagon with Travis Browne’s heroic performance against Fabricio Werdum, where Hapa fought through injured hands and ribs toe-to-toe during all five rounds.


Here’s more information on wellskor from the official press release:


“…Founded by revolutionary doctor Michael Hall, wellskor™ is the future of medical analysis—providing its users with a full three-dimensional digital health report that will forever change the way people learn about their minds and bodies. wellskor™ will ultimately help to improve the overall wellbeing of each individual by charting their current state of health and mapping out a detailed plan on what they need to change, offering precise solutions finely-tuned to each member.


Upon choosing wellskor™ you will be entered into a virtual database that can be accessed by your computer or a convenient smartphone application. Through a series of questions wellskor™ will examine important aspects of your physiological and psychological health based around your sex, age, race, and medical history. Through a tiered approach wellskor™ will create a series of detailed graphs covering specific areas of your biological makeup, which will include the brain, cardiovascular and digestive systems, your specific dermatologic construct, musculoskeletal structure, immunologic deficiencies, and genetic composition. It will also give you an in-depth look at environmental risk factors such as metal and air toxicity.


The various uses of wellskor™ are endless, targeting not only individual patients, but also groups and organizations in need of an extensive and affordable health assessment, such as businesses with a large number of employees, health insurance companies, the military, and professional sports teams…”


VFD Marketing is proud to partner with wellskor, delivering a trademark turn-key approach. We are committed to high standards, and happy to have wellskor as part of the VFD family.